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Social Media Hits & Misses

According the Website Magazine (October 2016) and numbers provided by The CMO Survey, 2016…..
81% – Most retailers (81 percent!) believe their social media processes need work. (The CMO Survey, 2016)
11.7% – Current levels of spending for social media marketing have witnessed a 234 percent (wow!) increase over a sever-year period, rising from 3.5 percent of marketing budgets in 2009 to 11.7 percent in 2016. (The CMO Survey, 2016)
Let’s get YOUR social media rockin’ and rollin’! Just contact us – ask questions, get an idea of what you need and what you want, cost, what will/won’t help (all the answers are free; we want to help give you honest answers to your questions if you don’t choose us)….and perhaps let us take on that burden for you!