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Holiday Shopping…..

Yes….I’m afraid it’s that time again. The Holiday Shopping Season.
We are all gearing up – the stores have a mix of Halloween costumes, candy & decorations with Thanksgiving decor the next aisle over.
We are getting mentally prepared for who is going where, who is making what, the plans, the dates, vacations, family, shopping (in the real world or online), Black Friday, Cyber Monday…….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg!!
Guess what? While we are preparing to celebrate, be with family & give – thieves are doing the same. They are gearing up to watch your Facebook and Twitter posts to know your Holiday Plans (when your house will be empty – they’ll know where you went and when you plan to come back), they will know you’re shopping Black Friday (maybe you’ll have a good bit of cash on you or you’re hitting a whole bunch of stores that you’ve posted online so your car will be full of goodies while you shop). Cyber criminals have learned from their past years mistakes and are gearing up for online shopping as well.
Common sense is the name of the game. No one needs to know ALL of your plans. When you post items to social media you are telling EVERYONE on the planet what you’re doing.
When shopping online – use “known” store names. Will this prevent your information from being stolen? No, not all the time – they get hacked to, BUT it will enable you better chances of recovery because Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Sears, Amazon, Best Buy – have reputations to protect, they have the man power to correct mistakes.
When shopping at the mall – use common sense. If you wouldn’t give your car keys, wallet and routine to a stranger, why would you post your actions online? Cars and houses are filled to the gills with just the stuff THOSE GUYS want as well.
Let’s work to not GIVE it to them so easily.