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Calling All Businesses – Solo, Small, Medium, Big, Huge, Churches, Non-Profits

According to Website Magazine (November 2016) there was a small blurb titled “Just Text Me”   “Brands looking to connect with millennials may want to consider adding text messaging to their communication channels, as 83 percent of this generation open texts within 90 seconds and 80 percent of them would prefer to text a company’s […]

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Black Friday – Geeks R Us!

I started researching for this post and must admit that some of the “products for geeks” weren’t meant for us “normal” geeks but for those that are beyond us. So, I thought – “ok, I’ll look for some black friday technology sales”. So, while I’m still not “satisfied” with the “selection” of geeky stuff (I […]

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Rouge Security Software – Fake Virus Messages

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According to Wikipedia, Rogue security software is a form of malicious software and Internet fraud that misleads users into believing there is a virus on their computer, and manipulates them into paying money for a fake malware removal tool (that actually introduces malware to the computer). It is a form of scareware that manipulates users […]

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