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Small Business Alert! – Commonly Misused Web Design Techniques

Commonly Misused Web Design Techniques that Tank Conversions Source: Website Magazine, March 2017 Issue Written by: Martin Greif Posted on 2.02.2017     Web design is an evolving craft with room for change.   + There used to be a need to display well for just 1024×768 screens; now brands need to think about a […]

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The Cost of an Average Cyberattack

According to Website Magazine (November 2016 Edition)   “Kaspersky Lab released research that indicates a single cyber-security incident costs large businesses, on average, a total of $861,000 while SMBs lose an average of $86,5000. According to the results of the “Measuring the Financial Impact of IT Security on Businesses” report, which was based on the […]

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Fake Bank Email

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I received this email the other day, so I thought I’d share with you some ways that you can tell if you received a fake bank email or not.   I cannot stress enough – even if you receive a REAL email from your bank NEVER click on a link contained in the email; always […]

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Black Friday – Geeks R Us!

I started researching for this post and must admit that some of the “products for geeks” weren’t meant for us “normal” geeks but for those that are beyond us. So, I thought – “ok, I’ll look for some black friday technology sales”. So, while I’m still not “satisfied” with the “selection” of geeky stuff (I […]

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Hoopla about the New Chip Cards

Okay, so by now almost all of us have had our regular debit/credit cards replaces with ones that have this little microchip on them and that (now) require you to leave your card in the device/card reader until the transaction is completed.   I, for one, was a bit irritated – I just didn’t see […]

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Holiday Shopping…..

Yes….I’m afraid it’s that time again. The Holiday Shopping Season.   We are all gearing up – the stores have a mix of Halloween costumes, candy & decorations with Thanksgiving decor the next aisle over.   We are getting mentally prepared for who is going where, who is making what, the plans, the dates, vacations, […]

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