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10 SEO Tips for Website Redesigns

10 SEO Tips for Website Redesigns Source: Website Magazine, March 2017 Written by: Alex Berg, Fell Swoop   About Alex Berg: He is the director of strategy and analytics for Fell Swoop – a digital design firm in Seattle. Prior to Fell Swoop, Alex held leadership roles with Ritani, Wetpaint, Expedia and Blue Nile.   […]

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Calling All Businesses – Solo, Small, Medium, Big, Huge, Churches, Non-Profits

According to Website Magazine (November 2016) there was a small blurb titled “Just Text Me”   “Brands looking to connect with millennials may want to consider adding text messaging to their communication channels, as 83 percent of this generation open texts within 90 seconds and 80 percent of them would prefer to text a company’s […]

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Social Media Hits & Misses

According the Website Magazine (October 2016) and numbers provided by The CMO Survey, 2016…..   81% – Most retailers (81 percent!) believe their social media processes need work. (The CMO Survey, 2016)   11.7% – Current levels of spending for social media marketing have witnessed a 234 percent (wow!) increase over a sever-year period, rising […]

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The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

According to the top 10 benefits of social media marketing are:     1. Increased Brand Recognition   2. Improved Brand Loyalty   3. More Opportunities to Convert   4. Higher Conversion Rates   5. Higher Brand Authority   6. Increased Inbound Traffic   7. Decreased Marketing Costs   8. Better Search Engine Rankings   9. Richer Customer Experiences   10. Improved Customer Insights […]

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