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Black Friday – Geeks R Us!

I started researching for this post and must admit that some of the “products for geeks” weren’t meant for us “normal” geeks but for those that are beyond us. So, I thought – “ok, I’ll look for some black friday technology sales”. So, while I’m still not “satisfied” with the “selection” of geeky stuff (I guess I was expecting it to all be geeky stuff I liked….lol) – here are some links below.
NOTE: Hazen Computers & Design does not endorse, recommend or guarantee your shopping experience or satisfaction with any of the websites listed below. These websites are being provides as a courtesy for your shopping pleasure. Problems with customer service, charges and/or products purchased from these companies are between you (the consumer) and the respective business. However, if you experience issues, please let us know and we will remove them from our list so no one else experiences those same types of issues. Be SMART online shoppers – WHEN IN DOUBT – CLICK OUT!. Thank you.

c|net Holiday Buyer’s Guide Black Friday– appears to have Black Friday Ads for Walmart, Kohls, Amazon, Macy’s, JCPenney, kmart, Cabela’s Target, Sears, Samsung, American Eagle Outfitters and more…
For the kids in your lives – Toys R Us Black Friday (stores open Thursday 11/24 at 5pm)
For the other kids in your lives – Best Buy Black Friday
PLEASE use common sense while shopping this year. Don’t POST everything you got, everyplace you’re going to, etc & so on. It’s Black Friday for criminals too except YOU are paying!