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13 Ways Con Artists Can Steal Your Money

This information was reprinted from a pamphlet/booklet created by the AARP Foundation:
“Identity theft, investment fraud and scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money. Last year, 13 million people were victims of identity theft alone – that’s one person every 2 seconds.”
Identity Theft
1. Phishing
2. Stealing mail or sensitive documents
3. Bogus job opportunities
Investment Fraud
4. Gold coin scam
5. Free lunch
6. Oil and gas scams
Other Common Scams
7. Fake checks
8. Tech support scams
9. Disaster-related charity fraud
10. Sweetheart scams
11. Travel scams
12. Grandparent scams
13 The foreign lottery scam

Want to learn more about each of these scam types – just email us at so you don’t become a vicitim or contact AARP Foundation – Fraud Watch; this particular pamphlet/booklet is called “AARP Watchdog Alert Handbook 13 Ways Con Artists Steal Your Money”