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Welcome to Hazen Computers & Design


We are happy to announce and roll-out our new website
and are thrilled with the changes to our business model that we are rolling out in 2016!
We’ve studied our clients, our competition, reached out and asked (and listened) to what clients expect, want, need and crave for their own businesses and business websites and have developed services that match.


Interesting Tidbit to Start Out August

“A little more than nine years after it made its debut in the United States in June 2007, Apple announced that it recently sold its one billionth iPhone.
Having generated more than $600 billion in revenue and in all likelihood more than $100 billion in net profit for Apple, the iPhone might well be the most profitable piece of technology to ever have hit the market. It has transformed Apple from a company with $19 billion in annual sales (in 2006) to the most valuable company in the world, raking in $234 billion in the fiscal year that ended in September 2015.
However, every fairytale must eventually come to an end and so does the iPhone’s remarkable growth story. Between April and June, iPhone sales declined for the second consecutive quarter and, if Apple revenue guidance is any indication, will continue to do so in the ongoing quarter. With the smartphone market maturing and many low-cost alternatives flooding emerging markets, it will be interesting to see if Apple can reinvigorate sales or if we are already past peak iPhone.”

*The iPhone Hits Another Milestone, by Felix Richter, Statista, Aug 1, 2016