Hazen Computers
Hazen Computers
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We are a small business that specializes in helping other small businesses, non-profit groups,
churches, groups and other organizations.

Whether it's website design (or re-design), template customization, website cleanup, hosting,
remote network administration, or a range of other services - we are here for YOU!

What We Believe
We believe it is important for your business or group
to have the same opportunity
for a quality web presence, services
or graphic arts project
that larger companies have
and we strive to help make that happen.
When we first started in Arizona back in 2005,
we wet our whistles with
a variety of services and prices.

Over the years, we found
that the smaller groups and businesses
needed our help the most
so we shifted gears to make that happen.

We love what we do, we take pride in what we do
and we look forward to the opportunities
that present themselves to assist you
in building or growing your business.

We are continually learning and expanding our knowledge base
to offer you the best for your money.
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If you are a business in Yavapai County, Prescott or Prescott Valley
and need website assistance, updating, consulation or a new website;
we have deals especially for YOU!
Make sure you mention your Yavapai County town in your contact email!
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